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A Journey Into the World of Watchmaking.

Becoming obsessed with watches in 10 simple steps

Step 1.
Ignore anything watch-related for the first part of your life. Say, 23 years or so.

Step 2.
Buy a cheap skeletonized automatic watch in Hong-Kong because it looks cool.

Step 3.
Wonder how and why it actually works. Then drop and break the watch by jumping over a street rail.

Step 4.
Consider watchmaking as a career choice, but then just forget about it. Live life, get drunk, fornicate, get high, get injured, gather experience,  go to the military.

Step 5.
Watch Black Mirror and have a random sudden thought about watchmaking.

Step 6.
Lay awake in your bed, not being able to sleep, think about watches and making them.

Step 7.
Remember a time from the past, when a cocky old man was showing off his Paték Philippe on a yacht somewhere near Turkey, telling you how great it was.

Step 8.
Google Patek Philippe and how it’s made. See this video.

Step 9.
Research different complications, madmen like George Daniels, where to learn watchmaking and get blown away by the spring drive movement.

Step 10.
Order a watchmaking starter pack from and a cheap Chinese copy of ETA 6498.

Never look back.

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